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Navneet Anand - Director Gemco Australia, Fiji Times and Voice Aaj Kal


Founder and presenter at Voice Aaj Kal- helping leaders and pioneers connect with the community from politics, trade, arts and more.


Director & Publisher of Fiji India Times – the only publication dedicated to both mainland Indian and Fiji Indian population in Sydney.


A seasoned education and immigration professional who has helped thousands of overseas students get admitted to the Institute of their choice in Australia.

Rewarding excellence
in the community

The second edition of GEMCO Sydney Outstanding Talent/Achiever Awards will be held in June 2022.

In November 2018 we created a new concept by introducing the GEMCO Sydney Outstanding Talent/Achiever Awards. Targetted at unearthing hidden talent and achievements within the community, the awards were a resounding success. The team at GEMCO has been working hard to organise the next chapter of the awards and we are hoping to recognise and reward more talent and skill from the South Asian community in Sydney.

To know more about the awards, visit

Welcome to my world

Like thousands before me, I arrived in Sydney as a wide-eyed young man with big dreams. To achieve those big dreams,
I was ready to even the smallest jobs. As it turned out, those small jobs taught me much more than I expected and set me on the path where there is no compromise to hard work.
My journey from a student to an Australian citizen inspired me to do something for the future generations of young men and women headed to Australia. The result was Gemco Australia – a business we took over in 1997.

As part of Gemco Australia, we have assisted over 11,000 students in getting their academic journey to Australia off to the right start. Engaging with people can be addictive and with help from my partners and associates, I have been truly fortunate to be part of business and community based ventures which have helped us grow as a community in Australia. When people ask me how I manage to keep it all together (well almost), I tell them with pride that after all, house keeping in a hotel was my first job in Australia!

Voice Aaj Kal - a people's platform

Voice Aaj Kal – a people’s platform

Setting up Voice Aaj Kal was as much a personal decision as professional. There was the obvious need to bring more knowledge and insights to the community. At the same time, our growing network also meant that we had more resources to tap into and evolve as a brand as well. After a slow start, Voice Aaj Kal picked up and we were fortunate to get distinguished guests on the show regularly and share their valuable information and experiences with all of us.

This journey has just begun and we will continue to reach out to more experts, industry leaders and achievers from the community and bring them on board. Voice Aaj Kal will be here Aaj…as well as Kal.

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Navneet is a man of many talents and qualities. His passion to do well in every field is infectious. It’s been a pleasure working with him.


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